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Michelangelo Was a Pussy

Fact:  The Sistine Chapel's ceiling's painted area is 5,633 sq. ft. Fact:  The interior paintable surface area of all six Banyan Inn guest rooms totals 6,048 sq. ft. So as our progress on the hotel rooms continued, it came to the part of the story where we had to start painting the rooms.  For the record, I fucking hate painting.  Never liked it, never will.  Also, part of the reason I hate painting is that I don't give a SHIT about how a room is painted.  The walls of any room, anywhere, could be painted by an Italian Master, have a huge Jimi Hendrix poster covering it, or painted green, and I DO NOT CARE.  Anyway, it is with hatred in my heart that I built my scaffold, loaded up my paint tray, and started painting. And another thing, do you know the absolute shittiest KIND of painting you can do?  Let me tell you.  Painting white paint on an already white wall.  Once the drywall finishers were done with the walls, the walls were white.  Then, I had to paint THREE coa