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We Have Begun Human Testing

Guys, things have been pretty crazy around here.  Sorry for the delay in my blog.  However, tonight, I find myself full of pork fried rice, wine, and a fancy cigarette a nice Jamaican man gave me, so I can finally get to work and catch you up.  Also, I am going to attempt my first double feature- publishing two blog entries at once.  Let's see how this goes... *** As the little sparrow bravely leaves the nest; as the astronaut blasts off atop the rocket; as the Titanic leaves on its maiden voyage; all great things must have a beginning.  Over the last couple of months, we have thrown out three full dumpsters of trash, brought hot water to the facility, and cleaned this place up pretty well.  So, after polishing this place up, we decided to strike out on our plan.  Rooms were organized, the kitchen was cleaned, and toilets were repaired.  We found ourselves ready to have actual people stay at the place.  Or, as I like to put it, we were ready for human testing. Our very first

Mistakes Were Made

"It's all part of my journey- I've done a lot of stupid things, but you learn by your mistakes." - Ozzy Osbourne. Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  We fucked up.  Now, when I say "we," I really mean I fucked up and Amy was negligent in failing to stop me.  (For the purposes of this blog entry, no official blame has been levied on either party.  This remains a subject of intense controversy and will be worked out in an upcoming arm wrestling match, date TBD.)  Also, before you start worrying, know that this mistake was non-life threatening, and completely reversible.  It merely resulted in us having to shovel and rake 10,000 pounds of gravel... on a hill... three times. This shitshow started when, after a few weeks, our driveway became rutted by virtue of a couple rain showers washing away some parts of the driveway, and increased vehicle traffic due to the fact that we like to party.  Now when I say "rutted," I mean that driving up and d