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The Toilet

“The flush toilet, more than any single invention, has 'civilized' us in a way that religion and law could never accomplish.”   - Thomas Lynch Now, a point of contention between Amy and I since we moved to the island has been the condition of the toilet in our hut.  The toilet, installed some time in the early 90's, was, as they say, "serviceable."  It was a warrior.  It did its job.  Of course it was not much to look at, but hey, it's a toilet.  The problem, in Amy's eyes, was that the toilet rocked a little bit from side to side, or as she put it, "wobbled."  I admit, it did wobble, but not enough to keep it from doing its primary job of being a toilet.  To Amy, however, this was a daily sign of imperfection and failure. Over the course of our time on the island, the toilet has been a reoccurring source of controversy, with topics including its cleanliness, the aforementioned rocking, and the amount of time I spend on said toilet.  There ha