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The Birth of the Lionfish

I am pleased to announce, that on April 5, 2017, the Lionfish Hotel, Bar, and Restaurant, was born.  She was brought into this world with a combination of love, perseverance, and luck- in short, a miracle.   In a strange way, I feel like a father to this new child. This new child was conceived like any other: a general desire to bring something great into the world; a wild night filled with whisky and tequila; a magical moment of inspiration; and a following-morning feeling of cautious optimism.  Over the next nine months, we made ourselves scarce and concentrated on brewing this wonderful dream.  We consulted friends, we hired professionals, and generally prepared for the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.  Along the way, we named our dream Lionfish.  (We also rejected some other names, such as The Hideout, The Hideaway, Randy's Place, Amy's Place, and Rainbows and Unicorns.)  We also planned Lionfish's future, and our future with Lionfish. Most importantly, the